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Developed from real world needs

Four years ago we needed a single integrated platform to run our cosmetic medicine clinics - so we created one

Our Team

Combining medical, operational, marketing and front desk experience running a clinic

Luke Fuller

Lead Developer

LinkedIn Profile

Software developer with over 6 yrs experience in all aspects of a multi-location cosmetic clinic including operations & marketing. Prior to cosmedcloud Luke worked across several roles including operations and marketing manager of a large multi location cosmetic medicine groups

Our Story

Our Beginning

We started to address our own needs being a busy multi-location cosmetic medicine group. There was no other software which could deliver what we needed: a simple, single end-to-end integrated platform that could handle all aspects of the marketing, clinical, front desk and reporting needs.

Where We Are Today

We are the first end to end cosmetic medicine softare platform available for cosmetic clinics. After 3 years of road testing, our platform can run the business of all clinics from solo doctors and nurses to large enterprises in all disciplines such as cosmetic medicine, dermatology, and plastic surgery.

Customer Reviews

A sample of recent feedback submitted by our users

"The system is amazing, you guys have done a fantastic job - it is truly awesome. Saves me so much manual work leaving me to focus more time on patients. Invoicing and booking appointments are super quick. Love the simple and clean interface."

Front Desk User

"I love how you can mark injection sites and record your notes quickly and easily. The voice transcribing is super helpful when I am running late. The treatment planning feature helps me educate my patients on their concerns and provide a superior experience to my competitors"


"The rewards and marketing system is brilliant. cosmedcloud's rewards system sends my patients personalised emails giving them a reason to open the emails rather than always receiving a blanket promotion. My open rates are amazing"