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A complete platform for your
clinic, patients & website

Work off an iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC.
All stored securely in our Sydney private cloud
Built just for cosmetic clinics

A true end to end platform to run your entire clinic on

Having multiple separate programs such as one for your billings, one for your medical notes, one for your marketing and another for your stock is too complicated! It creates inefficiencies, data duplication and makes you less competitive.

cosmedcloud is a single platform designed by doctors, nurses and owners that runs all aspect of your business from medical notes, billings, appointments to stock and marketings. We offer you one single platform that is modular and available on any device anywhere for all clinic sizes.

No Server Needed

cosmedcloud is completely cloud-based hosted in Sydney. Being cloud based means you do no need to maintain server saving your clinic money on IT support and licensing costs.

Always Available

Running your clinic is the cloud is much more reliable that running on your clinic's server. We store your data in two locations at all times and guarantee uptime of 99.5% uptime. Hourly backups are taken and stored offsite.


Your data is yours. Each clinics data is stored in their own database and encrypted at all times. We employ multi-layered security including two-factor authentication and log all activity within an account.