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For your patients

Patient iPhone App

Provide your patients with your own branded iPhone app allowing them to book appointments, repurchase skincare, view their treatment plan, access rewards and refer friends.

Stay relevent & continue the relationship between visits

Differentiate your clinic by offering a boutique, personalized experience to every patient available anytime on demand right in their pockets.

Involve your patients in their journey with the ability to create and display their own treatment plan, before and afters and treatment goals which auto updates as they progress.

Style it to your clinic

The app can be styled to your clinic look and feel including color scheme, font, and logo; and is listed on the App Store under your clinic's name.

Mobile online store

Extend your store offering to the app. Patients credit card details are saved allowing one-click repurchasing of skincare and associated products.

App Features

Your patients receive a personal login that enables them to securely access their patient profile

Plan &

Your prescribed treatment & skincare plans show automatically on your patient's iPhone app. Videos, quoted prices, frequency and goals can be displayed to help educate your patients.


Allow your patients to repurchase their skincare with one tap. Fully integrated into your stock & billing systems. Your patients can also use their rewards as a discount on purchases.

& Booking

Your patients can rebook their frequent treatments anytime with direct integration into your appointment schedule. Existing appointments are also synced into your patient's calendar - never have to write down patient appointments again!

Refer a Friend

Show your patients their rewards and available discount with the ability for patients to earn more points by referring their friends with a few taps straight from their address book.

& Video Calling

Send and receive secure messages from your patients with the ability to attach images. Perfect for post-treatment support. Conduct a remote consultation with video calling built in.


Send personalised notifications to your patients iPhone that contains links and content eliminating the need for costly SMSes whilst also providing interactivity.