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Trust Commitment

We take the security, confidentiality, ownership and hosting your data very seriously and give you controls to manage your data.


Compliant with Australian Guidelines

Your clinics data & patient information is always stored in Australia and never leaves our servers

Stored in Australia

All information is stored within Australia on infrastructure listed on the Australian Government Certified Cloud Services List and IRAP compliant as certified by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).

Using Personal Devices

We help you comply with AMA guidelines regarding the use of personal devices in practice. By using the cosmedcloud iPhone or iPad app on your device for capturing sensitive patient information and capturing before and after images - no data is stored on your device. Maintain flexibility whilst ensuring compliance.

Tools to help your clinic stay compliant

We provide tools to help you stay compliant with state and federal laws regarding privacy and prescribing

Schedule 4 Prescribing

Our standing order feature allows your nurses to submit standing order requests with inbuilt video calling to ensure that all Schedule 4 prescribing is approved by a doctor. Our feature also provides visibility into the status of orders and prompts if a new order is required.

Informed Consent

Capture informed consent with the ability to send a copy to patients after signing. Consents are automatically cryptographically signed to prevent tampering. Automatic prompts remind staff when a consent is near expiry and our check in flow automatically collects the required consents ensuring a consent is never missed.

Tamper Proof
Medical Notes

All medical notes are locked being creating which prevents editing and ensures adherence to medico-legal standards. Medical notes are cryptographically signed to prevent tampering and prove verifiable evidence of the author and creation date.

SPAM and Privacy Adherence

cosmedcloud provides inbuilt tools to manage patient unsubscribing from SMS and eMail campaigns ensuring your clinic also stays compliant with SPAM laws. The collection of personal information is always disclaimed with your privacy policy ensuring compliance with the privacy act.