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Trust Commitment

We take the security, confidentiality, ownership and hosting your data very seriously and give you controls to manage your data.


Confidentiality Of Your Data

We keep your clinics data, patient list and patient information strictly private

Strictly Private

Your data is stored in Australia separately from other accounts. We have strict information access guidelines and only certain developers have limited access to your deidentified data to assist with support inquiries after we have your consent. No board members have access to your data. We never reveal you as a customer unless you give us permission for to list you on our website.

Security Locks

We allow you to lock your computer when you are away from your desk to prevent access and prying eyes. You can also protect and lock the iPhone and iPad app with either a PIN number or Touch ID (fingerprint). iPhones and iPads never store any patient information on the device long term. The encrypted information is only kept when it is needed then removed.

Patient Identification

We take steps to ensure that malicious actors cannot create or access patients accounts via your patient portal or iPhone. When an existing patient signs up we take steps to verify their DOB, name and identify via an SMS security code before we give them access to your account. We never reveal the status to an unknown user whether a patient has attended your clinic or not.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

As standard practice, we sign non-disclosure agreements with all clinic and growth plan clinics. This allows us to help integrate the platform into your clinic by understanding your current processes and business.

All cosmedcloud staff sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements as part of their employment contracts.